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Multiple Valued Logic: Concepts and Representations

Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems

D. Michael Miller​‌
University of Victoria, Canada
Mitchell A. Thornton​‌
Southern Methodist University


Multiple Valued Logic: Concepts and Representations begins with a survey of the use ofmultiple-valued logic in several modern application areas including electronic design automation algorithms and circuit design. The mathematical basis and concepts of various algebras and systems of multiple valued logic are provided including comparisons among various systems and examples of their application. The book also provides an examination of alternative representations of multiple-valued logic suitable for implementation as data structures in automated computer applications. Decision diagram structures for multiple valued applications are described in detail with particular emphasis on the recently developed quantum multiple valued decision diagram.

Table of Contents: Multiple Valued Logic Applications / MVL Concepts and Algebra / Functional Representations / Reversible andQuantum Circuits / Quantum Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams / Summary / Bibliography

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