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Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences

Cancer: Blueprint of a Tumor
Physiology and Pathophysiology of Digestion, Part 1
Neural Control of Blood Pressure and Body Temperature During Heat Stress
The Lymphatic System in Health and Disease

The Colloquium Digital Library is an educational e-book collection for researchers, instructors, and students in the biomedical and life sciences. Each PDF e-book in the digital library is an accessible introductory overview of an important research area, authored by a leading expert in the field. The books are intended primarily for newcomers and non-specialists who are unfamiliar with the topic and want to quickly get up to speed in a new area.  

The books are well-illustrated (with easily re-usable figures) and feature DOI-hyperlinked reference lists, making them valuable, time-saving resources for researchers, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates. These unique e-books will help researchers explore new areas, fill gaps in their training, and keep current with a variety of fields in the biomedical and life sciences.

The Digital Library is organized into 12 different Lecture Series, each covering a different subject area.

Colloquium Lecture Series

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